Sunday, December 15, 2013

Size is Relative

I came across a post today on Already Pretty about style and wearing tights. This is a fun blog and I like that she not only knows her stuff, but promotes other bloggers who know their stuff too. I am a fan of tights, usually black, but sometimes colorful. Surprisingly, I am already doing what she advises in wearing them, so I guess I'm not that far off in the style department.

But, seriously, tights are warm too. When I see all the photos of women with bare legs or open toe boots or shoes in the middle of winter, I know I don't see that in the northern region where I live. When you're dealing with twenty below zero temperatures and snow and ice, it really doesn't make a lot of sense. But, I'm also a huge fan of tall boots as well, so it's an excuse to wear more of them with the tights.

In the aforementioned post, the guest blogger was Gracey, from Fashion for Giants. Not only is Gracey informative, she is also very funny, and I enjoyed some of her other posts as well. However, although I think her blog title is clever, I can't see her as a giant or plus-sized. Perhaps it is because at a little over 5'9" I not only almost always wear heels, making me even taller, but I'm actually shorter than anyone else in my family. So, tall is clearly relative to me.

But, for her to be a Size 14 at over six feet tall, does not equal plus-size to me. A Size 14 at that height is actually quite healthy. It's the stick skinny models who are her height and starving themselves to be a Size 0 that are NOT healthy (and I'm not talking about people who are naturally really thin here). At my height, I naturally fall somewhere in between the Size 0 and the Size 14.
In the real world, there are many different types of beauty and they should all be celebrated. After all, the goal should be to be healthy, feel good about ourselves, and embrace our individuality. I've always been one to see the best in people - their eyes, their hair, their skin color...their unique thing that makes them stand out from everyone else. To me, Gracey looks great as she is. Because no matter what we wear or what size it's in, we're all beautiful in our own way.