Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Franken & Biden Meet

In a positive, forward move by Vice President Joe Biden, he met with Al Franken today in Washington. According to the Associated Press:

Democratic Senate candidate Al Franken met privately with Vice President Joe Biden late Wednesday afternoon to update him on the still-contested Minnesota Senate race.

Franken, who said he is eager to join the Senate, said the two men also discussed President Barack Obama's policy goals.

Biden said he and President Obama are looking forward to working with Franken after the Minnesota Supreme Court issues a final ruling.

So, even though our Minnesota governor, Tim Pawlenty, will not end this ridiculous stalling ploy by Norm Coleman that will allow Franken to sit in his rightfully earned seat, at least President Obama and Vice President Biden are not only behind him, but looking forward to working with him.

Even the Wall Street Journal commented on the meeting in a positive tone:

After the White House meeting, Biden praised Minnesota’s election process as “meticulous.” He noted that for five months, Minnesota, alone among the states, has been represented by a single senator, Democrat Amy Klobuchar.

“Once the Minnesota Supreme Court has issued its final ruling in this case, the President and I look forward to working with Mr. Franken on building an economy for the 21st century,” Biden said.

I praise our Vice President for moving forward and seeing things as they not only are but as they should be - and I praise Franken for not only his patience but his tenacity. If only our Minnesota governor had the same level of integrity that either of these men have. If he did, this game would have ended already and Minnesota would not be overworking Amy Klobuchar - and finally have two filled Senate seats and full representation.

Vice President Joe Biden meets with Senator-Elect Al Franken

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