Friday, October 16, 2009

Fox...and Other Friends

There is a poll going around as to whether or not Fox News should be shut down. The first comment I have is: quit calling it Fox News. Call it "Fox Noise," "Fixed News," or any of the other names it's called. It is about as much news as the National Enquirer is a newspaper.

Most of the people I know are very intelligent, well-read people. Not everyone I know is liberal, some are conservative. We generally agree to disagree. And everyone agrees with free speech. But free speech that is full of hatred, and invokes violence - and is said over the airwaves - takes it a bit too far. In that case, they are responsible for what they incite.

The blond bimbos on Fox don't really do much of anything as far as news reporting goes. They check their facts about as much as Michele Bachmann does. Even my father, who is very much a conservative, says he never watches it because "they make things up." That is not news, that is sensationalism. Glenn Beck takes it to a whole other level.

News channels are always a bit biased, depending on what you are watching. But to show continued disrespect to our president and incite hatred among people who aren't that bright in the first place is about as smart as putting a cell phone in the hands of an already bad driver. It is dangerous.

Over and over again during the Bush administration we were told to "respect the office" even if we didn't respect the man. What happened to that advice? I'm not saying everyone should agree, but we can respectfully disagree. And to expect a new president to clean up eight years of mess in ten months is a bit ridiculous.

So for the Glenn Becks and Rush Limbaughs of the world...just shut up and quit with your hate-filled sexism, racism, and stupidity. It is pretty clear you will do yourselves in at some point with either a complete meltdown or getting caught with something that you criticize. Because even more than being racist and sexist, you have to be the biggest hypocrites I've seen to date. And that always comes back around to bite you.

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