Saturday, February 6, 2010

Demon Sheep?

My cousin worked for Hewlett Packard for years. An extremely successful company with extremely smart, talented people working for them. The exception to their success seemed to have been Carly Fiorina.

With her latest ads out on the "Demon Sheep," perhaps we can see why. To not even get into how weird and disturbing these commercials are, does this woman really show any intelligence putting something like this out there? They are all over the web as comic relief....Tom Campbell must love them (they clearly can't be hurting him), and, of course, Democrats are saying: do more! The ad is like something out of a low-budget, bad horror movie.

According to the Huffington Post:

Democrats want to get in on the "demon sheep" craze sweeping the political world.

The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee has made a strategic Google ad purchase to piggyback on the popularity of the web ad being run by California GOP Senate candidate Carly Fiorina, in which she accuses her opponent of being a "FCINO" (a.k.a. Fiscal Conservative In Name Only).

Google the phrase "demon sheep" and the second link on the right hand bar -- under titles such as "Demand More Demon Sheep," and "Keep Up the Baaad Work" -- goes to the DSCC's website. (The first link is to Fiorina's primary challenger, Tom Campbell, the target of her notorious web ad).

The DSCC link goes to a petition urging Fiorina, a former Hewlett-Packard CEO and the best-known GOP Senate candidate in California, to make more videos.

"Sign our petition. Tell Carly Fiorina to make more videos, preferably featuring farm animals. This one provided a great laugh on an otherwise typical afternoon -- and we'll gladly accept the risk of a nightmare or two. It's so baaaaaad, but so good at the same time."

A spokesman for the DSCC, Eric Schultz, declined to say how much money was behind the Google ad purchase. But he did offer a rough take on the web ad madness: "We're starting to realize why Hewlett-Packard paid her $21 million to go away."

I agree with the Huffington Post. Funny, yes. But, very weird...and very, very baaaaaad.

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