Friday, June 11, 2010

Wasn't Their Old Logo "Beyond Petroleum?"

There are many bad things about this whole BP Disaster. There's the loss of human life, the loss of wildlife, the obvious pollution of the ocean that will take years to clean up, the loss of money for businesses - not to mention that the gulf coast gets socked...again!

I used to always get my gas at BP stations. This was more for convenience than anything else. Where I live, it seems there is a BP gas station every few miles. You literally have to drive out of your way to find a different station.

Unfortunately, it isn't that a disaster like this hasn't happened before. It's just the outright greediness, complete negligence, lack of being able to see possible consequences - and have a plan in place - is ridiculous! And this is from a company that has BILLIONS in profits each year and could have clearly afforded to have a plan when something like this DID happen.

Flicker is running a contest for new logos for BP
right now. People are angry and creative at the same time. There are so many good ones. My personal favorite so far:

029 by Greenpeace UK.

I have a car and I have to drive it (even though it's a little car). In my line of work, I have no choice. If I could bike or walk to work, I would. But, most Americans do use oil, and the added problem of depending on foreign oil is not good either. It is more that the record profits made by this company, lack of planning for disasters, and complete disregard for wildlife and for people is sickening.

Quite frankly, this all sucks. Especially for New Orleans. And it isn't even hurricane season yet.

I think it is worth the drive to go elsewhere.


Strong said...

I cannot believe how much hell New Orleans has had to endure over the last five years! And now they have to worry about the first hurricanes of the season spreading a toxic, flammable, and noxious substance all over their city? What next, plagues of frogs and locusts?!

This is another part of the price we have to pay for letting George W. Bush sit in the White House for eight years. This is the result of letting industry regulate itself, of "drill, baby, drill!", of having two oil men running the country. The inevitable result has been a disaster for the entire planet. Profits over people never works.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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