Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Caving In

I've been gone for quite some time. First there was my mother's death, then there was the death of a favorite client, working my butt off for a company that doesn't even begin to appreciate or respect me...but, life moves on.

So, politics have brought me back. Namely, a guy I voted for and really believed in. An intelligent man with integrity and - I thought - backbone. So, here he is caving in to the Republicans ridiculous demand? What's the deal? There is no reasonable explanation to giving super wealthy people huge tax cuts - especially when the money has to be borrowed! There is no reasonable explanation to respond this way to threats to hold up everything else so they get their way. And there is certainly no reasonable explanation to why you are going against everything you stood on. This is health care all over again...yes, it passed. But it's lacking the biggest part of it we needed.

Quit trying to be nice and reason with people who are unreasonable. I am in the middle class bracket. Not getting a tax cut for me probably means my check is twenty dollars less. I can live with that. And the unemployment? My significant other - since we are in a state that does not have a huge unemployment number - stopped getting his months ago. So, I think I get it. And I still don't think it's worth it.

Caving in to bullies is exactly what I have done with my boss. It makes you feel like crap. It makes you feel used and abused. And it makes you feel like you have done a lot for absolutely nothing. Not only will you feel this way too, but the majority of the American people will as well.

Please, grow a pair for God's sake. The little promise that one famous Republican made about making it his goal to have you fail and not get to a second term - you just gave into it. You let him win...and you are way too smart for this. And not only are you losing your base and the independents, you are losing your own beliefs. In the long run, by giving 2% of the country a huge break while giving the other 97% a small handout just isn't worth it. At least put up a fight!

And on that note, for my mom's memory, I will do the same.

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