Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Happy New Year....etc.

Happy New Year! And here's to 2010 being over...a tough year! The year I said goodbye to three favorite clients, dealt with some other difficult things, and then ultimately said goodbye to my mom as well - which really made everything else pale in comparison. I'll always miss her and always have some sad moments. The holidays were tough, my birthday will be tough...but I was so very fortunate to have her for all the years I did. Losing her at 82, after all the battles she beat so bravely, was unexpected, but she lived a full, wonderful life - and she was a wonderful mom. I was extremely blessed to have her for a mother. I have a special candle I will light in her honor for all important occasions.

As far as other things: Politically, way to go for passing the First Responders Health Bill - finally! And way to go for repealing Don't Ask, Don't Tell. Service men and women are told to stand with honor and integrity...obviously lying about themselves does not fit into that. It is about time this was overturned. In all the game playing, this lame duck session did indeed get some important things done!

So, moving on into 2011, here's to a healthy, happy year...a year of positive changes, perhaps a move east or west (and a few more after that). As I have spent way too much time being unhappy while I make everyone else happy, I'll draw from my mom's courage, and sometimes lack of editing, and make some strong changes...and with her in my heart, I'm pretty sure this year will be the year I can do it!

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