Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Stylin' Shoe Cabinet

What can I say, I'm an IKEA fan. I guess I like mixing the modern (and, let's face it, not too expensive when you decide to do something different), and vintage pieces - along with bright artsy pieces, travel finds...and of course anything Parisian or French.

But, in looking for a new way to store my shoes, I had to admit this was pretty awesome. I don't have as many shoes as a lot of women I know, granted. But, the beauty of this is they are stored away in a dust-free cabinet that looks like a china cabinet, takes up very little space, and holds ten pairs of pumps. It was pretty enough, I decided it shouldn't be hidden in the closet after all...and reasonable enough in price that more can be added.

Since I own a lot of boots that are easily put on shelves, it was the pumps on the floor that would literally disappear into boxes. This really just inspires me to dress up and go out even more...I mean, look at that awesome top shelf!

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