Thursday, May 3, 2012

Some Fun Ways to Tie Scarves

I love wearing scarves all year round. A versatile accessory, a scarf can add color and style to an otherwise neutral outfit. Although there's nothing like the silkiest ones, even on the coldest winter day, there are many other soft, flowing fabrics. Whether wrapped around your neck in different ways, in your hair as a headband, tied around a high ponytail, used as a belt, or attached to a purse strap, scarves can be used in so many ways. I love to loop one around my black leather bag - it not only adds some color and a bit of style, it can also be pretty handy when I want to tie my hair back (anyone with long hair can attest to this one).

Found on Scarf Knots, this fun, well-done YouTube Video covers some great ways to tie scarves around your neck. There's a couple pretty creative ways I hadn't thought of...

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