Monday, March 18, 2013

Rock It Like a Redhead

Being a redhead, I grew up always being told I couldn't wear red. It was always "stick with the greens, teals, and turquoises, but never red." Although I've come to really appreciate red, bought some fun red shoes, and painted a few pieces of furniture red in my house, I had still avoided wearing red clothing. It was obvious orange would never work on me, but I'd seen a few redheads wearing red, and it looked great on them.

Of course, I've ignored many of the other fashion rules my mother told me to stay clear of when I was growing up: I wear black a lot, I like shorter skirts, I like higher heels - even though I'm already quite tall - and I wear a lot of rings, bracelets, and big, silver hoop earrings. I've also come to appreciate the fact that my natural red hair is actually quite unique, and I still wear it long and probably always will.
But yesterday was a first. To my guy's delight, I actually bought my first red dress. It's a really chic, color-blocked dress with red through the center, black along the sides, and a flared shorter skirt at the bottom. Really cool, funky - and marked down over seventy-five percent (better yet).

As I came across a post on The Chic Sheet prior to buying the dress, I found the author addressed this issue quite well. And although I've come to be annoyed with the "Keep Calm and Carry On" that you see everywhere (even though I'm very English), I loved the variation on it she put up for redheads. As the writer states:
"Some redheads still may not be into the whole idea of wearing red, but those that do certainly wear it well. The moral of this little story is that there are no fashion rules anymore. All is fair game in this industry, including RED on REDS!" 
Although I'll probably always be a bigger fan of purple and black, sometimes it's nice to shake things up a bit. At least one cool and different dress is a start. Besides, most redheads tend to be a bit rebellious...especially once we're adults and realize that some old rules are just meant to be broken.

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