Monday, April 15, 2013

The Right Hat

I've always loved hats on other women, but I felt a bit silly in them. I do have an assortment of warm, knit hats for winter, but these are for walks in the cold or shoveling snow. Although I would periodically try on a hat that looked fun, I could never find a style that worked on me.

Out shopping with a friend a couple weeks ago, I showed her a hat that I had tried on a few days earlier. I thought that I had finally found one that fit just right, but I needed another opinion

She liked it as much as I did.

The final style: A Cloche straw with a small tie that circled around the back. It felt chic. It felt comfortable. It felt very Boho, very French - which, of course, I loved.

So, I guess it's true. There's a right style out there for everyone - even if you don't think you're a hat girl.

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