Wednesday, February 11, 2009

One Crazy Mom

The news continues on Nadya Suleman, the mother who had octuplets when she already had six children. Now, it seems she has had to go into hiding as she is getting death threats. Regardless of what we all think about this, death threats are taking it way too far.

As it turns out, her comment that she would never live on welfare appears to be wrong. According to Reuters, she is receiving food stamps and disability payments for
three of her children:

"That criticism has mushroomed as it was reported that she was divorced, living with her parents, unemployed for several years, receiving disability checks for three of her children -- one of whom is autistic - and collecting nearly $500 a month in food stamps.

She acknowledged those circumstances in a series of NBC television interviews but insisted in a segment aired on Tuesday on "Dateline NBC" that she was 'not living off any taxpayer money' and that assistance she now receives is temporary."

Not to mention that these kids are surviving because of technology, and have a good chance of continued health and behavioral problems down the road....and ultimately, who will pay for all of this?

These kids have little chance in this situation. It is all very weird, very sad, and very selfish.

Reuters UK

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