Thursday, July 2, 2009

Congrats to Senator Al Franken!

I've been on the road traveling for a couple of days and unable to do a post until now. A friend called us in the car while we were nearing Chicago, the first leg of our trip, and told us the good news. There was cheering in our car...

Congrats to you, Senator Al Franken! You have fought a long battle and have finally gotten your hard-earned seat. You will be a great senator - and we know you will be dedicated. As stated in MPR:
"In accepting DFL party backing to run against Norm Coleman, Al Franken promised an aggressive campaign with an emphasis on Coleman’s record.

“We’re going to get up early and stay up late, and we’re going to do it, because five million Minnesotans need a voice in Washington, and they don’t have one in Norm Coleman,” said

Franken has proved an aggressive campaigner and fund raiser. Over the past 16 months he’s traveled all over Minnesota to land the endorsement."
So, bye bye Norm. It is about time that you conceded. You dragged this and Minnesota through the mud for way too long. Finally, we will have two senators - and two good senators who care about the people of this state.

Thank you, Al. For your
perseverance, vision, and patience - and thanks for looking out for the people of Minnesota. It is my hope that you will have a long career as senator and meet your goals and keep your vision. Congratulations!

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