Sunday, June 28, 2009

Michael Jackson...Rest in Peace?

I grew up with Michael Jackson. From the time I was little, I loved the Jackson 5, and even remember the Saturday morning cartoon. Throughout the years, I liked a lot of Michael Jackson's music. He was enormously talented - an incredibly gifted dancer and good singer. His music was catchy and his videos broke old boundaries on MTV.

When I turned on the news this afternoon, however, it seemed to be way over the top. All I could get was Michael Jackson. Not just stories about him, but mindless interviews with people in the streets...and theatrical meltdowns. Some of these people seem to have
lost their damn minds, and the news stations cover it like there is no other news at all - when we know there is. Of course, twenty-four hour news stations love it when something big happens that they can use to fill in time.

Perhaps it is about perspective. I have a good friend in the hospital who is very seriously ill. It was a very difficult couple of weeks until he was finally declared stable two days ago. I got emotional, I cried, I worried. And it was heartbreaking watching his girlfriend go through her pain, waiting and hoping for him to recover. Even though he has still not opened his eyes, we know he will soon. Point is, that no matter how famous a person was, or
how wonderful of a performer, he was not a close friend.

I guess it just shows the effect of memories and the influence of pop culture. And
I mean no disrespect. My sympathies go out to his family. But, he grew to be a very strange, spoiled, eccentric man whose lifestyle, numerous plastic surgeries to the point of freakishness, unhealthy addictions, and anorexic-like stature probably just took its toll. It shows, once again, that money doesn't take care of everything. And I guess everyone reacts to things in their own way.

But...again, let's keep it in perspective. The man was a pop star. This isn't the second coming of Christ.

I guess it is my hope that a very gifted - but tormented - individual can finally just be at peace, and rest in peace. This is, of course, if the media will let him.

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