Saturday, April 3, 2010

Rush Limbaugh and His Idle Threat

I've written about Rush Limbaugh a few times in the past. I find the man to be quite his sexist comments, in his racist remarks, in his just plain stupidity. He brings hypocrisy to a whole new level, and his disrespect of President Obama is downright wrong.

His recent statement that he would leave the country if healthcare was passed, frankly, had quite a number of people pretty excited. Healthcare was passed, yet he is still here.

According to Joe Queenan in the LA Times, who wrote a great piece: Rush Limbaugh, Healthcare, and Idle Threats:
As the battle over "Obamacare" was reaching fever pitch, Rush Limbaugh threatened to leave the United States if the healthcare bill passed. Well, the bill did pass, and he's still here.

Last week I read about a new poll indicating that if the healthcare bill passed, 46% of primary-care physicians would close up shop. Well, it's passed, so now it's time to put your money where your mouth is, physicians of the republic. The same goes for you, Rush. First you threatened to leave New York City if a new tax on the rich got passed. The legislation is now law, but it took you a year to put your Manhattan apartment on the market. Then came the Costa Rica threat, but two weeks after Obamacare passed, you're not there.

This is unmanly and unconscionable. If you tell everybody that you're so fed up with the direction the country is headed that you're going to leave, then you are morally obligated to leave, or at least give your fellow Americans a timetable for your departure. Otherwise, the rest of us find ourselves in a Boy Who Cried Wolf scenario, wondering what whopper you'll tell next. But unlike the boy, who only told a fib, you committed a truly unforgivable crime. You got people's hopes up.

I agree. I'd be happy to just have the man off the airwaves. No one really needs to hear not only his idle threats, but all the other vile junk he spews. If it isn't sexist, or racist, or disrespectful to someone, what's left. So, keep your promise, Rush. Go. And, in the last move in your hypocrisy, pick a country like Costa Rica...which has a public healthcare system just like the one you've been speaking against.

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