Wednesday, May 18, 2011

3 Days, 3 Ways

In these economic times, it really is nice to have a new way to make things last longer and be more cost effective. With that in mind, Mississippi Market has a fantastic idea with their "3 Days, 3 Ways" Program. The current article in The Mix (another really interesting assignment), also addresses the need to save money, but still keep things interesting:

These days, everyone is trying to make his or her money stretch a little farther. Mississippi Market can help with groceries in a nutritious and economical way with the “3 Days, 3 Ways” Program. With a twist on traditional leftovers, the monthly program’s recipes start with a protein (they call it a main event), that offers different ways to stretch it across three days. The recipes are nutritious and easy to prepare, and they use ingredients that are either on sale or are reasonably priced. They also alternate between meat and vegetable proteins as the main ingredient. The focus is also on locally grown, fresh ingredients when the season permits. More canned food is used when the snow is falling in the winter months.

Another reason Mississippi Market decided to start the program is to encourage customers to make meals at home. “Cooking at home saves money but typically takes more time. The “3 Days, 3 Ways” recipes allow our shoppers to cook a little more on one day, and make creative use of ‘planned-overs’ to save time and money later in the week,” said Liz McMann, consumer affairs manager.

Even the most devoted cook struggles to find time to prepare meals with today’s busy schedules. The recipes in this program are both intentionally time-saving and healthful. “The premise of the program is that nearly everyone can find one day to spend a little extra time cooking—but that traditional leftovers can be boring,” said McMann. “These recipes do away with reheating the same dish for days and show new ways to make leftovers shine in unique ways. The recipes are fairly simple and the instructions are detailed enough that even those new to cooking can feel confident.”

A very timely and innovative idea done in a very creative way, is one of the many reasons the co-ops always seem to stand out.

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