Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Fashion Faux Pas

There are some articles of clothing that rarely seem to work. What's that old joke...no woman's article of clothing can ever be as bad as a man's Speedo? Unless you are an Olympic swimmer, this is probably true.

This can also be true for capri pants on really short women and super short miniskirts on really tall women...and bike shorts are a whole other story. Naturally, there are exceptions, and people should definitely be themselves and dress the way they want to. But, there are a few things that just scream ridiculous:

1) If you're a man out on a date with a woman who's dressed in a beautiful dress and high heels, leave the old football t-shirt, baggy shorts, and baseball cap at home. At least make an effort - she made a big one.

2) Flannel pajama pants and slippers are really not appropriate attire for shopping, well, anywhere. If you have to run out in an emergency situation, of course that's different. But to be out shopping on a Saturday afternoon in big fluffy slippers and pajamas is just taking it a bit too far. Is it really that hard to pull on a pair of jeans? 

3) Pajama Jeans. Their ads say they are so comfy and flattering. Seriously? No, they actually look like pajamas made to look like jeans. My Levi's are quite comfortable. If your jeans are as uncomfortable as the girl in the commercial who's squeezing into jeans so tight that they've left bright red indentations on her stomach, perhaps it's time to buy a bigger size of jeans. There's so many different brands and styles to choose from that are actually flattering.

4) Forever Lazy Suits. Yes, forever lazy. They look like a baby's onesie for adults. I'm sure they're comfortable, warm, and the bright colors make you easy to find in your house. But, do we really need something to be called "Forever Lazy" in America? It doesn't do well for our reputation in other countries as being lazy with such a high percentage of obesity.  And, again, just wait...people will think that they're okay to wear out of the house.

Sometimes weekend errands require a good sense of humor. I don't shop at Walmart, but I can only imagine what you see there...if you've seen the hilarious "People of Walmart" pictures, you know what I'm talking about. I suppose you can at least find it entertaining when you're out shopping...but then it does pay to have a camera along.

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Strong said...

Then sometimes, just driving past the parking lot at Wal-mart can make your eyes bleed!