Monday, February 6, 2012

No More Daily Crisis

After over seven years at a crazy job, I'm now on my own to make a fresh start. I knew it was coming...and had been warned I'd be the next to go. I watched several excellent people leave before me. With all the self-created drama of that place, working with mentally ill clients was actually a cake walk in comparison. I do thank my former clients. What an opportunity to work with such interesting, strong, great people with wonderful stories...who have, in turn, inspired me for the next chapter. 

Admittedly, I won't miss the constant phone calls, the constant crisis situations, and the total lack of appreciation from a clueless and repeatedly cruel employer. Take it as a learning experience...moving on. They didn't even see me cry, because I didn't.

Finally, the free spirit in me won't be beaten down, and squelched any longer. Or, let's just say it in French: Au revoir à la dysfonction et dramatiques! 

By Gary Larson, The Far Side, FarWorks, Inc. 

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Strong said...

You're better off putting that craziness behind you. Things can only get better from here on out!