Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Enough with the Attacks on Women

What's with the attacks on women of late...are they trying to take women back decades? Is there any sense whatsoever to this nonsense? In reality, 55% of voters in this country are women. Attacking women's rights and health care is simply not very smart. 

When Sandra Fluke testified about contraceptives then, of course, Rush Limbaugh had to get in on it, and take it completely out of hand. He not only insulted her, but showed a complete lack of understanding of how the birth control pill works (it isn't Viagra - the pill is a daily prescription, whether you're having sex or not). The women I know who use the pill are actually in committed relationships. 

There was simply no reason to insult Ms. Fluke with inflammatory and degrading comments - not to mention the fact that they were untrue. With Limbaugh's use again of "Feminazi" (this is not new, he has done this for years), one has to wonder why he is so threatened by strong women.  As Fluke commented in the Washington Post:
"I understand that I'm stepping into the public eye," said Fluke, 30, a third-year student studying public interest law. "But this reaction is so out of bounds of acceptable discourse...these types of words shouldn't be applied to anyone."
Birth control is responsible. It should be a prescription that is covered like any other needed prescription. This should not be a political issue, and it certainly isn't paid for with taxes. Why in the world was this tacked on to a transportation bill in the first place? And the committee of all men? Really?

I say bravo to Sandra Fluke for her courage. She informed a congressional committee that the pill is not only used for birth control, but for other serious health issues as well. She's a student at a very reputable law school, and delivered her message in a classy, well-spoken, and articulate manner. That's much more than we can say for Rush.

Enough with the gross comments and absolute stupidity from this man. He has said ridiculous things for a long time and, unfortunately, there are people out there who agree with him. But, he gets paid a great deal of money to do this. This is not entertainment. It is sexist, insulting, and ignorant. The women of today are highly educated and intelligent. Men like Rush can't handle this.

I suspect he - and the politicians he seems to have in his pocket - don't realize they have awakened a sleeping giant.

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