Sunday, September 14, 2014

Scarf Season

Let's face it, for scarf lovers, it's always scarf season. But, sometimes it's a little too warm to pull it off in the summer months - even in Minnesota. I prefer to wear mostly solid colors in shirts, dresses, and skirts, which usually means black or jewel tones, and the occasional crisp white. The patterns and textures are most often in the scarves and the other accessories I choose to put with my outfits. That usually means long necklaces, big hoop earrings, and lots of bracelets in silver, wood, or leather. I've always had that bit of a boho vibe.

I've lost count of how many scarves I have. There's the section on the front of my closet door that are my favorites - super long and easy to wrap around while still leaving some length in the front. Then there is the inside closet wall which has an IKEA Komplement hanger with scarves looped through all the spots, and then there is the collection of smaller silk scarves that have their own special drawer. To me it's the scarves that add the bright colors, shiny beads...and always lots of fringe.

I may not like what follows autumn as much, at least not after too many months of winter, but I love fall and I love pulling out my scarves and wrapping them around my neck, leaving them hanging long, or braiding them in my hair. But, there is just something so merveilleux et chic about scarves that makes me feel like I've really put an outfit together. Besides, they're warm, soft, and comfortable - and just plain fun to wear. 

So, as autumn approaches us and turns into colder weather, one of the best parts of it is having my favorite accessory to add to any outfit. Because whether it's a great little black dress or a t-shirt and jeans, a scarf adds that extra layer of chic that just pulls it all together like nothing else does. 

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