Monday, November 10, 2014

The Coolest Thing Happened...

Over the years, I've done a few different jobs that I've liked, but they were always to support the one thing I've wanted to do since I was very young: Write. I actually have a small card I carry around in my wallet: "Support your art, don't expect it to support you." But, I always hoped that one day I'd get that job that allowed me to write full-time, and that card would be gone.

Over the years since college, freelance work was there, but for full-time work, it was another story. I've been the writer who worked as an accountant, or the writer who worked as an organic chemistry manager, or the writer who worked as a social worker (great book material). Then the coolest thing happened a couple weeks ago: I became just the writer - except it isn't just anything. It's actually rather amazing.

My official title is Creative/Content Writer. I feel honored, and frankly, quite blessed. I get to write, edit, work on webpages, do some photography, work with some great people - and all at an innovative, tech savvy company. One word: Yay!

There's also the matter of appreciation. Things changed a lot and got pretty tough over the last couple of years - there were back surgeries for him, job changes for me, the loss of a couple good friends and family members. Plenty of time to be humbled a bit, and I learned a lot - making me all the more excited to do well.

But, who knew? And isn't that exactly one of the reasons it's interesting being a writer in the first place?

My original plans may have taken a few turns here and there, and I guess it just wasn't supposed to happen when I was twenty-five. But, it's funny that even with all the twists, I've still reached the right place going in the right direction. 

This one is, quite simply put, a keeper. It must be time to throw that card away.

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