Sunday, March 1, 2015

Springing Forward with the Full-Time Writing Gig

This full-time writing gig is pretty cool. I feel so fortunate. I have neglected the blog and other writing I usually do...but, no complaints. I love being a full-time writer. There's lots of day I'm writing about computers and technology, the next day I'm writing about fashion. It's pretty great. In the meantime, I'll touch base here and there on the blog until I can get caught up on everything else.

As winter drudges on and we barely get above zero degrees and rarely see the sun, I'm so glad that it's the first of March and not the end of November. Being this cold is much worse in November because you could have months ahead of you - of often brutally cold weather.

But today is the first of March! I can see spring coming...and for the first winter in as long as I can remember, the huge storms hitting the east coast seem to just keep passing us by.

I don't mind snow, but it's actually nice that this year we aren't so completely overwhelmed by it. For friends and family on the east coast, I know you're all very overwhelmed by one storm after another. But, by this time next year, it might very well be our turn again. For now, though, let's just look forward to a long awaited spring.

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