Friday, May 1, 2015

Free People & MOA

One of my best friends is as much of a Free People fan as I am. We love their flowing styles, comfortable fabrics, and free-spirited attitude...not a real big surprise with the blog name. I've gotten many great pieces over the years that I wear every time they're clean and hanging in the closet again.

When we were out and about a few weeks ago, we decided to head to the Mall of America. Many local people don't actually go to the mall to shop all that often, or if they do they hit the end they like for their favorite stores - or just enjoy a happy hour in one of their great restaurants.

We had heard there's an actual Free People - Mall of America Store  - not just the apparel available in department stores. On a rather dreary day that still resembled winter a little too much in Minnesota, we finally made it over there to look around. 

When we got to the front of the store it felt, quite frankly, like we had arrived at our mothership.We were not surprised by the layout of the store. It had all their great clothing, jewelry, and other cool accessories decorated in their famous Bohemian way...just as we expected. And the atmosphere of the place totally fits their apparel - open, fun, and adventurous. We lingered for quite some time. 

So, yes, we fit the profile - right down to the long, messy hair. But, we do it with style and attitude. The staff of the store had the same vibe - and even the dressing room had a fun, boho feel (I snapped a photo when my friend was trying on some skirts). When we go back, as I'm sure we will, I'm sure we'll find some other cool things we just have to have...and I'm sure there will be additional lingering.

The Dressing Room at the Mall of America Store

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