Sunday, March 15, 2009

John King's Interview with Dick Cheney

I used to watch CNN to get a couple of different views. I still feel they have some good commentators and some intelligent people there - such as Fareed Zakaria - but they seem to be more and more overshadowed by sensationalistic garbage. Several months ago, in an interview with Larry King (definitely not one of the intelligent ones), Bill Maher joked that they needed a CNN II to report the real news. I tend to agree.

The latest junk is John King's interview with Dick Cheney. Why is he giving this man any screen time at all? Cheney is just projecting the failures of the Bush administration unto the Obama Administration. Once again, they inherited this, they did not create it. Of course, in his usual evil way, Cheney spews his garbage and lies. It is ridiculous that John King finds it necessary to put this man on the air.

For the audience that buys these lies, they really need to think about it. Do they really think that Bush and Cheney kept our country safe? Get your heads out of the sand and look at this realistically. See what most of America is saying, what other countries are saying, what the reality is. This makes as much sense as them saying that President Obama is doing too much. Only compared to the last president! President Obama is working hard and has accomplished more in his first days than Bush did in his entire eight years.

Wake up and quit blaming the left for causing all this. President Obama is doing the best he can to clean up the mess that was created and left behind by the previous administration. To give Dick Cheney time to defend what he did is benighted. To give him time to blame someone who is trying to fix it is downright moronic.

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