Wednesday, March 25, 2009

She's Really That Crazy

Michelle Bachmann would be funny if you didn't realize she really believes what she says. She continues to be an embarrassment to those of us in Minnesota that are: A) Not in her district, B) Would never have dreamed of voting for her, C) Wonder what planet she is really from, D) Sees her as about as stupid and crazy as they come...

I have read several comments stating things like: "I'd move if I lived in her district," "She has that vacant look in her eyes," and - my personal favorite - "You can almost hear the Looney Tunes music playing when she speaks."

Posted on Talking Points Memo is her latest round of questions and a couple of past doozies - noted as "The Bachmann Effect." Everyone she talks to has the same puzzled look on their face as to what in the world she is talking about. It is actually just plain scary that there were enough people in her district to actually vote her back into office. The first time was bad enough. Are the same vacant looks in their eyes too?

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