Tuesday, March 24, 2009

USO Award for Al

While Al Franken is still embroiled in the recount battle with Norm Coleman, he will be honored with an award for his USO service. Franken will be given the award for his work with deployed and wounded service members, as well as numerous visits to the Bethesda Naval Hospital and the Walter Reed Army Medical Center. According to alfranken.com:

Al has visited our troops overseas with the USO seven times. He's been to Iraq four times. These trips are the highlight of his year. Visiting a war zone with the Sergeant Major of the Army is an opportunity to visit with members of the armed services, speak with generals, and see first-hand "how it's going over there."
While Franken was reaching out to soldiers, Coleman was busy covering Bush and looking out for himself - while living the high life. Of course now Coleman's main objective is to keep a battle going that he has clearly lost. Franken deserves his rightful seat in the Senate - with a clear goal to help people. It's just as clear that the only person Coleman wanted to help all along is himself.

Many people that voted for Coleman are now ashamed of his shenanigans. I suspect that Coleman has not only lost the senate seat, he has ruined his chance of ever doing anything politically again in Minnesota. And its highly doubtful he'll ever be up for any type of USO award.

Al Franken with the troops
(Photograph courtesy of Alfranken.com)

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