Wednesday, April 8, 2009

She's Certifiable

A recent news show aired a clip of Glenn Beck praising Michele Bachmann on what a great job she is doing. This must have been in between his latest meltdown. I would not dream of watching his made up bullshit anymore than I would dream of listening to hers. Naturally, the clip was for a laugh. What else would it be?

But what isn't funny, is these people making up one lie after another and calling for a revolution - again based on lies. What is the deal with these people just simply making things up? I understand they don't agree with President Obama - yes you lost - but is making things up the right way to go (by the way, another word for that is flat out lying). The same people told anti-Bush people to still respect the office. Is there a reason they can't follow their own advice?

Michele Bachmann, however, goes from one thing to another. As I've said before - how did this woman get into office? It is appalling and ridiculous that she has a forum at all. Her latest is that President Obama is going to send us to re-education camps? Where does she pull this stuff from? And is she really speaking to people who are educated in the first place?

Worse, the glorious Star Tribune, Minnesota's answer to what a one time was a real newspaper, actually prints an op-ed piece from this woman. In it she repeats - again - yet another falsehood. She states that:
"Any way you look at it, it's low- and middle-income Americans who will pay dearly for this. According to an analysis by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, the average American household could expect its yearly energy bill to increase by $3,128 per year. Using an analysis by Peter Orszag, President Obama's budget director, that number would be closer to $4,000."
I won't even get into the fact that the last person that could ever grace the steps of a school like MIT would be Bachmann, but remember that the MIT professor actually wrote a letter asking that the false $3,000 number not be used anymore. The math is totally incorrect and it is a flat out lie to repeat it. The letter is quite clear.

I realize this is an op-ed and this is a free country, but please quit giving this woman time and space to spew her lies. She seems to just latch onto something and just stick with it even though it is proven wrong.

Members of my family went to MIT. This is an extremely reputable college full of people who's fingernails are smarter than Bachmann. Op-ed or not, Star Tribune, shouldn't there be some level of fact checking or integrity? Or at the very least go with the knowledge that this woman is 1) nuts, 2) delusional, 3) ignorant, 4) stupid, or 5) all of the above. My vote is for Number 5. Quit giving her the space just to fill it with her twisted fallacies.

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