Friday, April 10, 2009

The Upcoming First Dog

Ah, what can I say - I'm a huge dog lover. Although I really appreciate President Obama and all he has done in just a couple of months in office...I'm also pretty excited they are now getting a cool dog.

I like all dogs, but especially big dogs. I know he is getting the dog for his family - and those two adorable little girls - but I just didn't see him as a Chihuahua-type of guy. I also like that this dog is a "returned" dog that they are going to bring into their home.

According to TMZ:
"The black dog - a male - is approximately six months old. We've learned it was bred at the kennel and sold to someone who gave it back. The kennel is now "re-homing" the dog to the Obamas. The dog was named Charlie, but the Obamas will rename it."
This isn't their puppy - but it will probably look something like this one. A little offbeat and a little goofy looking. But isn't that precisely what makes him so cute?
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You and your dogs! :)