Monday, April 13, 2009

Yea to Al Franken - The Declared Winner!

After months of recounts and courtroom antics by Norm Coleman, Al Franken was declared the winner today. Of course, Coleman immediately stated he was going to appeal this decision. As stated in the New York Times:

A three-judge state panel Monday declared Al Franken, a Democrat, the victor in a Senate race here that has dragged Minnesota through prolonged litigation and recounts. The panel dismissed a challenge by Norm Coleman, the Republican who had held the seat, to a count that left the two men separated by 312 votes out of nearly 3 million cast.

“I would call on Senator Coleman to allow me to get to work as soon as possible,” Mr. Franken said after the ruling.

Congrats, Al - for your well-deserved, hard-earned seat. You won this fairly and honestly. And further congrats to your family and whole team that has stood by you through all of this. Even if Coleman keeps dragging this out, you know you are the bonafide winner. Coleman has not only lost respect, he has ruined his chance of any future political career - even from many that voted for him.

All that Coleman has done at this point, really, is make so many people in Minnesota angry. We have not had representation while he continued his game to keep another Democrat out of the Senate. Seriously, Norm. Once and for all, take your crooked ways, shut up, and move on. The only point you are making anymore is what a sore loser you are.

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