Friday, September 18, 2009

The Health Care Debate Continues

In a country that has vast resources - despite the current economic situation - how much sense does it make that we are #37 on the list for best health care? And why are people fighting it so much?

Perhaps the fact that I work in social services and see people who have nothing and only get good care through Medicaid (government run), or the fact that most of the people protesting government health care are older and are on Medicare (also government run), or the fact that I - like many others - only have health insurance because I am employed. If I was to lose my job or change jobs, I would either start a new job with less coverage because of a preexisting condition, or pay almost $700 a month for Cobra. Enough already of older people on government run Medicare protesting a government health care system. They must be kidding.

We have been very tolerant of the Republicans and all their ridiculous games, lying, and spreading of fear. Enough already - pass this thing. Give people choices who want them, give people different options, and mostly give people health care who don't have it. Going to the emergency room is not preventative care. It is emergency care. And often it is too late.

And, lastly, enough with the illegal immigrant thing. They are not covered in any proposed bills but, interestingly enough, illegal immigrants have always been taken care of now and in the past. If they go into a public hospital, they are not turned away or ignored. They are treated and, as nurses routinely say, it is everyone else's insurance that actually pays for it. It is yet one more way the costs are escalated and out of control.

The lies and the scare tactics go on and on. But, really, enough lies - from people who have the best care. It isn't a game, and it isn't funny. Simply said, it is about people having basic health care, respect, and choices.

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