Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Why is it that when you think things are getting better there is often a setback?

We watch week after week as our friend, Fidel, finally comes out of the coma after his brain surgery. We thought he was getting close to getting out of the woods. He left the hospital, and then progressed to rehab. He was starting to eat again, talk to us, and was moving around more. He looked like our old friend again - especially when his sense of humor returned.

Last night the seizures started and they couldn't get it to stop. Back in intensive care, the doctors don't know yet what it is causing this - a change in medication, the wrong levels, infection...Too many unknowns, too little answers. Again.

These things never occur in a straight line. They curves around, takes steps back, zig-zag. As one nurse said: "It's like you're driving through the desert, and then suddenly hit a cactus, and have to back up before going forward again."

Fidel will push past all of this. He went into all of this strong, young, and healthy. A setback is only temporary...and it is just one more way he will beat the odds.

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