Thursday, September 23, 2010

Linden Hills Co-op

Congrats to Linden Hills Co-op! They opened their doors today to the new store! How great that a store with such nice people and quality, wholesome products is even bigger with more selection.

I was fortunate to be able to interview Allie Mentzer and write the article for The Mix about the new store (thanks, always, to Pat at The Mix). The new store is not only bigger, but better too:

There will be new features and product improvements in the new location that members have wanted for a while. “We look forward to holding more classes now that we’ll have a dedicated classroom complete with a teaching kitchen,” said Mentzer. There will also be a larger bakery and deli, a meat and seafood counter, and even new flavors of their popular homemade soups. “Our produce and bulk departments will also be larger and easier to navigate,” said Mentzer.

Another advantage of more space is the inclusion of the Linden Hills Natural Home Store, which opened across the street from the current co-op in 2005. Said Mentzer, “Natural Home has always functioned as a department of the co-op—now we’ll all be under one roof.”

With an always helpful and friendly—and downright fun—staff, perhaps the walk will have nearby customers heading in a slightly different direction but only by a few blocks. Of course, it’s well worth it just for the fresh strawberries and kale alone! The co-op’s new location is right next door to Sunnyside Gardens, where customers can buy fresh herb and vegetable plants for their gardens. But most of all, Linden Hills Co-op is thrilled to be able to grow its facility and its ability to meet the needs of its local community.

I wish the co-op much success in the future...and thanks for being such an important part of the community!

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