Saturday, December 13, 2008

Fixed News and Hall & Oates

It is best to watch different news stations and get different viewpoints as they are all a little biased. The one I don't care to watch is Fox News, or "Fixed News" as they are often called. It is the television equivalent of "The National Enquirer." With sensationalistic babble that is always way out of proportion, I only know a couple of misinformed people who watch it. The quotes these folks pull out of thin air are always quite - there is no other way to say this - crazy.

There was only one token liberal on Fox, Alan Colmes, who was continuously used as a punching bag by everyone else.
Although he was obviously outnumbered, he put up with much more than I would have. He was the better half - although a weak one -of the news duo of Hannity and Colmes.

Another duo more familiar to me from the 1980's was Hall & Oates. They reunited for this song "honoring" Colmes on the "The Daily Show." I do believe they have redeemed themselves (even from the Swifter commercial) with this hilarious take on one of their old songs:

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