Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Let it Snow?

Living in Minnesota in the winter can be quite a challenge. The weather can change so quickly we often joke that we don't know how to dress. In the week before Christmas, it is colder and snowier than it has been for years. The last few days have been treacherous driving, slippery walking, time spent trying to push stuck cars out of thick ice, and frigid temperatures. I woke up this morning to a temperature of -6 degrees (yes, below zero), with a windchill of -37! My car whined when it started as if to say it was a little too cold for it too - even in the confines of the garage.

I admit, I like the snow. Although the driving is nerve-racking at times, and the shoveling is hard on the back - it is beautiful. It can be so peaceful and quiet at night. But to have this much, this soon in the season - with temperatures so cold - is a little unsettling.

It is indeed beginning to look at lot like Christmas, maybe too much so? So, forgive me if I hear the song "Let it Snow" and frown just a little bit. And forgive me if I shake at the cold temperatures, no matter how many layers of clothes I have bundled up in. Alas, it is all part of the territory in this very tundra-like state. I try to see the positives and hope that maybe December will be our worst month and not the beginning of a very long, cold winter.

In the same spirit, I couldn't help but laugh at this truck driver. He too was trying to make the best of all this powdery stuff. He gets major points for not only celebrating the season, but for doing it in such a fun way:

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