Sunday, December 7, 2008

The Gift That Keeps on Giving

After the election was over and Barack Obama won, I was really hoping that Sarah Palin would go away. It was quite frightening just how close she got to the second most important office in the country. It was just as frightening that she really thought she was qualified for this position.

comedic interviews - especially the one in front of turkeys being slaughtered - are still being talked about. I was just really hoping she would go back to Alaska and govern or whatever it is she really does there. Instead, she is still out there when her fifteen minutes really should be over. Most intelligent people realize this woman should never have gotten as far as she did. And most intelligent people are pretty fed up with all her shenanigans. But, the woman has become a celebrity in her own mind.

One of my favorite blogs, Margaret and Helen, posts comments quite often about
Palin. Some folks - most folks - wholeheartedly laugh and agree with her. I am one of them. Others scorn her for digging into Palin too much. Of course, this is the small percentage that think she is wonderful and well-qualified and hope she runs in 2012. These are also the people who watch Fox News, I suspect, and believe everything they see on television. The idea of studying something themselves or actually cracking open a book or reading different newspapers doesn't really occur to them. But my question is, how is this woman so important to the Republican Party? As Helen stated in her most recent post about Palin:

"Clinging to what’s left of its dying reputation the Republican party has credited her with the Chambliss win down in Georgia. Delivering that win makes Palin the new Republican torchbearer. I don’t know about you, but I am impressed. If Palin can get an old white guy re-elected in Georgia, I would imagine walking on water is right around the corner. But maybe she’s not really carrying the torch as much as she has struck a match and is now playing with fire."

Yes, indeed. Isn't it time to go back to work, Sarah? And aren't you supposed to be working in Alaska? I understand you still have not returned to your office as governor. I think the taste of the limelight was just a little too sweet for you and you just can't let it go. For the majority of us, though, we are happy to let you go. There must, at the very least, be some moose hunting to do or more babies to have. So, please, bundle up in some of those designer clothes and stay in Alaska. Give the limelight back and move on. Please.

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