Saturday, December 19, 2009

"Voices of Multiple Sclerosis" Sells Out!

I just heard from one of my fellow authors in "Voices of Multiple Sclerosis" that as of Thursday, December 17th, the book has sold out of its first printing.

Jessica Lipnack, who wrote the piece "Feeling Numb" reported on her blog:
Voices of MS Sells Out!

Publisher Victor Starsia reports this morning that Voices of Multiple Sclerosis, where an excerpt of my essay, "Feeling Numb," appears, has sold out of its first printing in barely three weeks since its publication date. "This is the fastest this has happened for any of the books," Victor told the group of authors in an email just moments ago. Congrats to everyone involved!
Congrats to Jessica and all my fellow authors. Just think of the people this can help!

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