Tuesday, December 29, 2009

A Vow to Get Back to Fit, Part 2

Even during a holiday week, things went quite well on my second week of "returning to fitness." I did miss one workout, but it was a Christmas. And, since it kept snowing and snowing over three days, all the shoveling alone was a bit of a workout in itself.

As we get into the new year, I'd also like to make it a goal to let go of the meat. My occasional turkey and chicken consumption has become too frequent and the next couple of steps are getting back to vegetarianism and more water.

The five dollar cost for each missed workout is a good incentive to just do it....

So the quest continues. I wish I was slimmer again already, and I wish I was already in great shape again already...especially since I've now been asked to do some publicity for the book within the next couple of weeks. So the next challenge - how do I look even slimmer (or like my old self) on TV when I'm not quite there yet? Perhaps I should just focus on the book, how well it is doing, and how it will help people...and basically just get over myself. It is, after all, a work in progress.

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