Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The Green Room at KARE 11

It is always cool when you can connect with other artists. I had a great time waiting in the green room at Kare 11 yesterday until my interview. There were some noticeable oddities: 1) The TV had a very snowy reception - at the TV station, and, 2) the room was far from green - much more of an unflattering yellow...

The best part was the people I met. The people at the station were great - friendly from the receptionist to the interviewer. But it was inside the famous green room where I met the really interesting ones. There was a very funny comedian from New York, Steve Hofstetter, a great band with a fantastic singer/songwriter, MJ Kroll, and my chance to meet fellow red haired author, Sid Korpi. Sid authored the book "Good Grief, Finding Peace After Pet Loss."

Anyone who knows me is aware of what a huge animal lover I am. My favorite part of my other job in social services is the work with therapy, companion, and service dogs. I had to buy Sid's book on the spot. From what I have read so far, it's a good one. I highly recommend it - and Sid's blog!

She also especially made me feel at ease before going on television. Not only was she nice as can be and funny, but a fellow author. Besides that, she is a fellow red haired author and we have to stick together and support each other...I mean, really, if there is only something like two percent of the population that are redheads, can you imagine the percent that are also authors?

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