Saturday, January 16, 2010

MS...And My Vow to Get Back to Fit, Part 4

I'm slowly getting back into workouts after my fall on the stairs. I tried to convince myself it was just a clumsy slip, that it was my natural gracefulness - same reason I never should have been in ballet - but I have the feeling it is more about being a bit unbalanced with the MS.

Stairs, escalators, they all take a bit of a toll on people with MS. We tend to be a bit unsteady at times and sometimes those long beautiful twirling stairs are not quite as beautiful as they used to be.

I don't like some of the symptoms I am having....waking up with numb hands that I can't shake awake right away, trying to walk on my feet and feeling pins and needles, but that is part of what I have. My injured foot seems to be taking a long time to heal too, and the pain is a little sharper on that side.

But I will perservere. Even if I have to start slowly with yoga and Pilates and then incorporate the weights back in. I think my dream of picking up running is out though...with icy sidewalks it is unbalanced enough. But it is also knowing your limitations. There are plenty of other ways to get fit again...once I'm back to "normal" I will also incorporate swimming laps again. Floating seems a bit easier than falling...and the water is much softer.

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