Sunday, January 24, 2010

A Vow to Get Back to Fit, Part 5

In my continual effort to get back in shape and back to myself, I will continue to make posts and be accountable. After a fall on the stairs (and a hurt foot), this week was my week to get back to it. Unfortunately, I did not do as well as I had hoped this week. I did have a birthday (which I took off), then had a day I didn't feel too well. But the other days I missed just for the plain old reason of blowing it off.

So, in my vow to pay $5 for every missed workout, this week I paid $15. My fiance enjoyed the cash (he is the recipient of the $5), but as always, was supportive and felt bad taking it. But I say a deal is a deal. So, he was somewhat happy about the extra cash in his pocket - me, not so much.

Next week is a new week and I'll get back on track. This time for real. Really.

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