Saturday, January 31, 2009

Step Aside and Let's Move On

The Cover of City Pages this week has a picture of Norm Coleman on it with the caption: "Exit with Honor - With all due respect, Senator Coleman, it's time to step aside."

It caught my attention in many ways. Yes, I am a Franken supporter. But even if I wasn't, I have to agree with City Pages. As all of these huge issues are being voted on and decided in the Senate and all the changes are taking place, this seat from Minnesota remains empty.

When the votes were ahead in his favor, Coleman asked Franken to concede. When the recount was done, and Franken was the winner by two hundred plus votes, Coleman decided to pursue this legal action.

This is costing Minnesota in many ways: in time, in loss of respect, in loss of our second voice in the Senate. As stated in City Pages:
"Yes, there remain avenues available to keep up the fight, but now is not the time. Minnesota is losing half of our say in the Senate. There is no way to procure adequate provisions in federal bills with a single voice. We need two."
As this ridiculous fight goes on, it gets more and more embarrassing. This election should have ended once the recount was done. It was a fair recount and that should have been the end of it.
Even Arne Carlson said, "There is no disgrace in losing." The original election took place almost three months ago and this thing is still dragging on.

So, please do step aside, Norm...the empty chair sitting in the senate is not only embarrassing but a huge loss in all that is going on. We need our second voice from Minnesota to be represented and heard.

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