Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Way to Go, Al!

After months of recounting and speculation, Al Franken has finally been declared the winner in the Minnesota senate race.

I've been pulling for Al for some time. I was fortunate to meet him some time ago, and think he is not only a nice guy, but has good intentions to represent Minnesota in an honest and productive way. I don't think Norm Coleman is a nice guy and I think he has really just represented himself - and certainly not in an honest way.

The final count is done and all we have to do now is wait it out while Coleman plays a few more games with appeals. Appeal or not, I believe Al will come through with flying colors - along with a little class and humor. But, there will indeed be an appeal from the Coleman camp. They announced they will file a lawsuit to contest the results:

"This process isn't at the end; it is at the beginning," attorney Tony Trimble said in a statement. "While we appreciate the effort of this board to do the work, the reality is that any certification of vote totals at this point is only preliminary."

Isn't it funny how Coleman told Franken to concede when he was behind? Now that Franken has been declared the winner, Coleman wants to drag it out some more.

I do have to say that I really get tired of people talking about Al the Comedian. Yes, but how about Al the Television Writer, Al the Author, Al the Radio Host, and Al the Harvard graduate? And how about Al the guy who gives a rip about the average Minnesota resident?

Just step away, Norm - and let go of all the luxuries. No wonder Coleman didn't want the recount. No wonder he has protested everything all the way through. And no wonder that Al came through as the victor. I guess in this case, the nice guy really does win.

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