Monday, January 19, 2009

Two Heroes Together

In the continued press on Captain Sullenberger, Mayor Michael Bloomberg quoted Ernest Hemingway's take on heroism:
“Hemingway defined heroism once as grace under pressure and I think it’s fair to say that Captain Sullenberger certainly displayed that yesterday.” Asked what he meant by “guts,” Ernest Hemingway had once said: “Grace under pressure.”
Sullenberger received a call from President-elect Barack Obama, who congratulated him, and invited him to tomorrow's inauguration. As far as I'm concerned, they are both heroes. They're both willing to take on something almost impossible with grace, coolness, and humility.

We have few heroes these days. How appropriate that in these trying times, as the worst president I've ever seen leaves the White House - and a great, historic one moves in - that we have two heroes in the same place.

May both of these men be blessed for their efforts - one for saving 154 lives and his own, the other for taking on the huge job of saving the rest of us.

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