Monday, August 3, 2009

...And on the View

Let's now Michelle Malkin is pumping her book on "The View," and I suppose everywhere else. I'll refrain from talking about the obvious. Just a couple of points:

1) Talking louder and over everyone else does not make you smarter, just louder.

2) Saying you wrote "400 pages" does not mean much. It can be 400 pages of total crap, which I suspect it is.

3) Most interesting, you stated a couple of times that "enough about Bush." Well, you basically wrote a book on six whole months of an administration stating that they are doing everything wrong and that there is not enough change? Bush was in office for eight years and screwed everything up. Do you really think everything is going to be changed - and fixed - in six months? President Obama is not perfect, but he isn't a superhero either - however, he does have an IQ over 100.

5) You STILL support the war we never should have been a part of in the first place?

4) Lastly, loved your comment about the girls on the view who were on the "friendlier side of the aisle." As nasty as you are to people, it is amazing to me you can find friendly sides anywhere.

You aren't that smart, honey. And, yes, there is corruption everywhere in government and no administration is perfect. However, there isn't an administration in our history that hasn't had a lot of imperfect people in it. If a president was going to fill his administration with people with perfect histories, I suspect there would be a lot of empty chairs. This is politics, after all. It is more what the people do to move on, work together, and stand up to make the country better.

Really, Michelle. You just don't get it. You are insult to writers and to women. You're even an insult to ignorant, stupid people.

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