Sunday, August 23, 2009

Hurricane Bill

The ocean has always been the most relaxing and inspiring place in the world to me. The waves on the shoreline are rhythmic and beautiful - they spark my creativity, and bring me peace.

As Hurricane Bill plows through the east coast, we are reminded that the beauty of the water can quickly turn powerful and frightening. In this picture, you can see the height and strength of the waves. As it crashes - literally - on the shore, the beauty and peace of the water changes dramatically.

I'm reminded of all the times I experienced hurricanes when I lived on the east coast - especially the time a tree crashed on our roof in Massachusetts. But, the funniest memory is a conversation I had with a fellow student when I moved to the Midwest. They insisted that they too had hurricanes in Ohio. I stated they were a little too far from the ocean for that, but they became even more insistent. As it was not an uncommon trait in that town to be a bit ignorant, I am continually thankful I spent only nine months in that tiny town. I'm not much of a small town girl anyway.

One thing I learned from my oldest brother when I was very young: "Don't get in an argument with an ignorant person, you're just wasting your time, and they'll just frustrate you to no end." I remembered that in this conversation too.

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