Sunday, August 30, 2009

An Unveiling

I had the privilege of going to an unveiling of a tombstone today in a Jewish cemetery. It was a wonderful service, full of joy and remembrance of Paula, the lady who had passed away. The beautiful tombstone had both Hebrew and English written on it.

I am not Jewish, but I was so honored to be there for this lovely service - among a family that I really like a lot. To see the closeness and faith in this family, and friends, was beautiful. They even had a recording of her laugh - a contagious, hearty laugh

It also reminds me that we are all more alike than different. Whether Christan, Jewish, Buddhist, Muslim....does it really matter? We all have our beliefs and should all respect the differences. If we remember and honor the differences and try to learn and understand from each other, that just makes our own worlds that much more rich. God said to love and not judge. I wish everyone in the world could see it that way.

Paula was a very special person, and she will continue to be missed. I remember when I met her. She made a very sweet comment to me about my fiance: "He's a great person. You won't hear a bad thing about him," she said. I suspect the same is true about her. I also suspect that, although she will continue to be missed here on earth, in heaven everyone is probably really enjoying that hearty, contagious laugh right about now.

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