Sunday, August 2, 2009

Michelle Malkin's Obvious Jealousy

One has to wonder why certain members of the media have to be so nasty. I've never figured it out with Ann Coulter. She just seems to be nasty for no other reason than to be nasty. This also seems to be true with Michelle Malkin, who is just another version of Coulter. Both of them like to twist things around just to get attention - true or not. Malkin's latest attacks are on our First Lady, Michelle Obama. As noted on Media Matters, her comments don't seem to hold any real truth to them:

"In the Chicago patronage culture that made Michelle Obama, the color that matters most is neither black nor white, it is green - the color of money. Mrs. Obama was literally born into the Chicago political corruptocracy. Her father, Fraser Robinson, was a volunteer precinct caption for the Democrat Party. Washington Post writer Liza Mundy called him "an essential member of the powerful political machine run by [Richard J.] Daley, who, in addition to being mayor, was the chairman of the Cook County Democratic Central Committee, meaning he controlled both the government and the political party, and could use one to do the other's bidding." Former alderman Leon Despres bluntly told Mundy that it was "overwhelmingly likely" that Robinson's job at the city water department was a reward for his loyalty. "The water department, where Fraser Robinson worked, was a renowned repository of patronage jobs."

Malkin ignored the biography's argument that Frank Robinson had little choice but to be politically active while holding a city job.

A former Chicago alderman told Mundy: "The majority of the people were [serving as precinct captains] because their jobs depended on it." Mundy reported:

As a precinct captain, you could expect, in return for this political policing, a city job. In fact, doing "volunteer" work was almost the only way you could get one. "To get a city job, you'd have to have some kind of recommendation from your ward committeeman," says Don Rose, describing a system in which it was crucial to have a recommender, somebody watching out for you -- your patron. Daley kept a file cabinet with a list of jobs in it and was said to know the names of everybody who held them.

Get a clue, Ms. Malkin. Even in your interviews you use a lot of big words that you clearly don't understand. And the facts are either distorted or ignored. This is journalism? Seems more like twisted sensationalism.

Let's face it, Michelle Obama has more class, integrity, and intelligence than you will ever see. Maybe that is the real reason why you keep seeing green.

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