Saturday, August 8, 2009

Fidel Has Spoken

In something right out of a movie, our dear friend Fidel is finally waking up after six weeks in a coma. His first words: When his girlfriend, Melissa, said "I love you," he said "I love you too, babe." Could there have been a more appropriate set of words for the first ones? Could it have been to anyone better than her?

She told him he had been asleep for a long time. He asked how long. She told him it had been six weeks and it was almost time for his birthday. She said he smiled. There will be a big party in a couple of days when he turns 49.

Of course, this isn't a movie and in real life he will slowly be coming to and slowing getting back to normal. But these are good signs. And he has been missed.

Now the rest of the recovery continues. We will all be there every step of the way. But, hey, he is slowly waking up, he has smiled, and he is moving around. But most of all, he has spoken.

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