Sunday, November 16, 2008

Elation is Still in the Air

A mere two weeks after an historical election, people are still elated. In my lifetime I have never seen people who are so happy and full of hope. The message sent to the world is phenomenal, the message to our own country too long coming. There was one report of a college student who said "The smart guy won!" There were others who yelled and cheered, jumped up and down, and cried (I was one of them).

He won't be a perfect president, because he is a human being. He will make mistakes. He will irritate us at times, I'm sure. And we know he is walking into a huge mess that will take a great deal of time to work through. But he is a smart, educated guy that not only brings his intelligence, but is slowly building a strong, diverse team - including some strong, intelligent women. He brings bright ideas to the highest office in the United States and a hope this country has not had in a long time.

I will never forget the nervous excitement. I have never felt so proud of my fellow Americans for not only getting out there and having their voices heard, but for having the courage to elect someone who isn't the same old white guy with the same stale plans. And, finally, someone who isn't just looking out for the wealthy population.

There were many images from around the world when he won. Many tears, many yells of joy. But, this picture is my favorite. It shows the genuine joy that the moment brought. One few of us will ever forget:
Students at Howard University celebrate on hearing that
President-elect Barack Obama won the presidential election,
in Washington November 4, 2008. (AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin)

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