Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The Count Goes On

As most of the counts in the election have been long done, the one here in Minnesota between Al Franken and Norm Coleman continues. First Coleman was way ahead. Now he is only a bit ahead. I have a feeling - and hope - that Franken will come out as the victor.

I had the privilege of meeting Mr. Franken a year or so ago at a book signing. He was down to earth, personable, and very friendly. Even more importantly, he had good values and was extremely intelligent. Many forget that the once player on Saturday Night Live was also one of the main writers, has written several books, and went to Harvard.

After all the ridiculous things that happened in the election process - like people not knowing to fill in the circles and checking or putting dots in instead - the recount continues.

When I came across the article in the Twin Cities Daily Liberal about The Chateau, a high rise building near the University of Minnesota, it really made me think. The 290 residents of this
building did not get to vote - and I too wondered if Franken might have - just possibly - already been ahead if they could have. What started as Coleman being several hundred ahead has dwindled down to a couple hundred. I hope it continues to dwindle down and Franken becomes the victor.

I don't really care what kind of denial Coleman states in the allegations against him. I don't really care about the hateful, dishonest ads he produced. I live in Minnesota and have seen first hand how he has handled many situations. No one has to convince me of anything.

Out to dinner a couple of weeks ago at a popular spot in Uptown, the waitress pointed out that Franken was sitting by the window having dinner. She stated he was a regular and a nice guy. As I looked over, he graciously stood up for a photograph with a well-wisher and then sat down and had a quiet dinner with his wife. There was no pretense, no hoopla. What I saw - and remembered - remains to be true. He is a good guy who wants to work as a senator for the people and make some positive changes. I thought how Coleman probably wouldn't be seen in such a "regular" place - or if he did, it would most likely be a much more expensive restaurant on someone else's dime.

My vote is for Al, and I hope despite all the junk going on with this recount, that he comes out on top. It has been too long since Minnesota has had a politician we can be proud of.

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